Get Your Head Out of the Cloud!

For many, the advantages of the cloud are quickly becoming overshadowed by skyrocketing costs and increased security risks associated with its use.  The Cloud Busters community is aiming to bring a more balanced approach to cloud computing.

Why we are passionate about our cause!

Top 4

Reasons why IT decision-makers are moving away from public cloud: security, performance, cost, and control. Source: IDC


Projected size of the data storage market in 2018. Source: DMR Business Statistics


23% of organizations completely trust public clouds to keep their data secure. Source: DRM Business Statistics


36% of cloud adopters state hosted private cloud is – or will be – their primary computing platform. Source: US Cloud


Total number of healthcare breaches in the cloud. Source: HITRUST


What an outage on Amazon Web Services in 2017 cost publicly traded companies. Source: Cloud Academy


Average # of days to identify a breach. Source: HITRUST

We Are Cloud Busters

We were promised savings, but we got skyrocketing costs and vendor lock-in.  We were promised security, but we got data breaches and lost customer trust.  We were promised performance, but we suffer from workload bottlenecks.

The hardware we’ve already bought sits idle most of the time, our servers are at half capacity, and yet…

The rivers of data begging for ever more complicated algorithms to make sense of them pour into our networks relentlessly demanding more and more compute resources day after day, night after night…

And the Cloud whispers, “Here I am.  For only a few dollars more, I’ll process your workloads.  I’ll hold your precious data.”

And so, we have become dependent – addicted and unable to break free because we no longer have the skills or the tools to do it on our own.

This is our fight.  This is why we say, “GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE CLOUD!”  This is why we are CLOUD BUSTERS!

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We are just at the starting point of our journey to create awareness across the IT industry that we have followed the shiny object called “The Cloud” without too much thinking, information, or general awareness. Get Your Head Out of The Cloud was created for those that agree with a more balanced approach to cloud computing and want to explore new ways of making IT more secure, innovative, and controlled.

Our goal is to gather as many Cloud Busters as possible from across the world. If you are one of these visionaries, we would love to hear from you. Simply fill out our community application form. To make it even more attractive, we have even created a set of benefits for each of our Cloud Busters.

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